Monday, January 27, 2014

Even In the Snow!!!!

Our recent blog post mentioned the start of an exterior project that is underway(Woodbridge). Yes we know we are in the middle of winter.   Our client was not deterred by the weather and asked that we proceed with the project understanding full well that conditions would not be ideal.  This is a beautiful home with expansive manicured grounds.  An estate setting that is very impressive throughout the year.  The client requested a redesign of the front entry and garage exterior that would be a better and more unique complement to the lavish grounds.   Our goal was to make the entrance more proportionate with the overall size of the home while introducing a subtle European influence to a traditional colonial style.    Time to get going….  Field measurements were taken and the design process takes hold.After the removal of the existing structure……we started framing the new portico.The very short door will be replaced with a more appropriate size and new design. A very special double door custom made with reclaimed aged wood has been ordered.

Delays with the weather have been frequent and the custom crown molding arrived damaged but our team remains committed and ready to work through the conditions and obstacles. I have much admiration for the crew working in double digit temps which later in the day turned into snow.  They still put in a full day ….By days end, we all felt that we could see and feel the progress of the project.  The replacement crown molding finally  arrived!!!

Weather proofing the flat roof and cutting the columns was next on the agenda for the day.
One more column and we will call it a day……snow coming down heavy….
The electrician will arrive next week to rough wire the new recessed lighting.

The custom door will be crated and shipped from Monticello Door Company in Oklahoma City next week.  Looking forward to the door’s arrival….It will be a beauty!

More to follow soon…….

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