Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Been A Whirlwind

Our New Backyard
Like so many of us these days, life is pretty turbulent.   Since my last blog, I have moved to a temporary place, searched out of state for a new place and after much searching decided to make our temporary place more permanent.  Why didn't we come to this conclusion in the first place?  Would have saved lots of hours of hard and exhausting searching.  I am now living in a myriad of boxes with furniture that needs to be removed, recycled or updated.  Paint and wall coverings that need changing. And the list goes on.  So here I am in a place I find many of my clients.... Yes, it is overwhelming at first for everyone (even me) but patience and an organized, realistic game plan will prevail...Hopefully I can please my family as I strive to do the same for my clients...

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